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    Is it possible?

    I'd like to take a picture on my 650 and send it to my bro who has a tmobile samsung x100 phone. ... irrelevant really.

    I am rather puzzled by this.

    how would you do it?
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    The SPCS picture share *should* send an SMS to that phone with a link to a web page that should be small-screen compatible. Don't know about that model phone, but if it has Blazer-like browsing capability, it should work. You can also send it to an email address, so if it has email capability, the same would apply if the SMS fails.
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    The networks do not allow users to "directly" share pics through different carriers. What you do is find out that persons e-mail account with their wireless provider, ie., and send the picture there, and they should be able to follow the link provided there just fine through their phones wap browser.
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    What i was thinking of doing is sending an email with an attachment using snapper or versa to the

    Dont know for sure if that'll work ... i'll post results here when my bro gets here with his tmo phone.
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    I keep getting a message saying it cant relay to

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    I believe that sending to that address is the same as sending an SMS. So, if it's something that won't fit in an SMS it won't go through.

    I haven't tried it but there's no way to send the equivalent of an MMS from Sprint to T-Mobile? If true, boy that really sucks. I thought you could send an MMS between carriers.
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    bcaslis: hmm. you are correct. considering an sms is maxed out at 160 characters.

    there has to be a way to send a sprint picture message to tmobile as an MMS message.

    There just has to be....
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    I found this:

    Inter-Carrier Messaging
    Mobile-to-mobile MMS messages are sent from the User Agent (i.e. the wireless device) to the userís home MMS Relay/Server. If the two mobiles are not served by the same carrier, the message is then forwarded over the MM4 interface to the receiving mobileís MMS Relay/Server using SMTP (Simple Mail Transmission Protocol). This device then sends a notification to the destination mobile. The mobile then may retrieve the MMS message from the server at its leisure. Before actually receiving the message, the destination mobile will negotiate the best acceptable media formats with its MMS Relay/Server, which will then perform content adaptation, if necessary.

    It might seem that the use of multiple MM1 access methods in 3GPP2 (see Table 1) might also cause some inter-carrier problems. However, this is not actually a problem because this interface is between the mobile and its home system and the protocol layer is transparent to the lower layer protocols that transport it across the packet data network even when a mobile is roaming.

    MMS will not just be used between mobiles. The MM7 interface is designed to connect with Value Added Service Providers. A news summary could be sent to a mobile from a media outlet, containing a mixture of text, audio clips, still pictures and video clips. Content may be sent by a VASP on a schedule, or when a certain event occurs (such as traffic congestion, a weather warning or a news break) or upon request from the mobile user.

    Another common interaction will be over the MM3 interface between an MMS device and external services to interface to email, fax, voice mail or other services.
    so now my question is; is there a 3rd party program that can make MMS messages with the picture I take and send it out?
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    Doe tmobile have a graphics mailbox? Verizon has a different 'address' for graphics/audio compared to pure text message.
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    ya. i dont know what it is though. all i know is one for sms and thats

    i am 200% sure theres one that allows mms.
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    I think i found the solution:,Kb=PalmSupportKB,ts=Palm_External2001,case=obj(31247)

    well. kinda.

    two problems: it tells you goto messages then create media mail.
    on the sprint phones we have "Messages" and the options are "Send a text message" or "Send a picturemail"

    picturemail isnt sms. all it does is send a link to the recipient once it uploads the pic. NOT what i want.

    I guess we need the "REAL" messages application for OS 5.

    P.S. it says that too and i just noticed it:
    Note: This article does not apply to messaging applications on Treo smartphones. For more information about SMS and MMS on Treo, please refer to the User Guide for your smartphone.
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    I think it's a GSM/CDMA issue. You can send MMS from any of the GSM carriers to any of the other GSM carriers. But you can't send/receive from either Sprint or Verizon to/from any other carrier.
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    I have used

    Both users have to be signed up but it seems to work pretty well.

    Good luck!!
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    Thank you cgooge.

    One question; the Size limitations. how do i know which is best for what phone?

    ((i sent myself an email with an attachment to and the treo received it however it was a link to a webpage with a picture. i dont know if my phone cant receive MMS message?

    I am curious if i were to send the same thing to a tmobile user will they also get a link? will confirm later.))
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    simplifying a work around:
    send YOURSELF the picture mail.. Forward the picture mail sms msg YOU receive from Sprint to your bro. done
    (does that work for you?)
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    I tried this with my son who's on Verizon (I'm on T-Mo) and had no luck at all.

    Quote Originally Posted by cgooge
    I have used

    Both users have to be signed up but it seems to work pretty well.

    Good luck!!
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    I have basically had everyone i know sign up for pixtopix and they are all on different carriers. Sprint, Verizon, even tried it with tmoblie yesterday. Never had any issues with using this program. Shouldn't you be sending it to and not
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    I cant send video mms on tmobile with treo 650....I get "unsupported content type"
    Anyone have any suggestions?
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    when using pixtopix you can use your name if you set if up that way.
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