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    Hello all,

    After registering my 650 I received a 20% off code through my email for use in the P1 store. It just says on accessories, does anyone know if it will work on a Vaja case? I would try it but I don't want it to ruin my code.

    They are also offering free overnight delivery, wonder if that can be combined?

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    i received a code for 10% off but it didn't work on my vaja order. it gave me a 'does not apply' sort of message. PLM10 worked for 10% off and others have had success with that. i think the promo codes can be used more than once so i'd try yours on palmone w/out completing the order. you can also use the force and call in your order. just say, 'send me a vaja case and take 20% off with this promo code'. the salesperson may be able to manually give you the 20%off if the promo doesn't say anything about vaja exclusions.
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    Wow...6 years!

    Any new codes?!

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