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    I'm looking to get a T650 and use it on Verizon, as others here have already done. Being a Mac user I'd love to be able to do all the necessary conversions with my PowerBook. I noticed that there seems to be a Mac version of BitPim, has anyone tried it? Does it work?

    I'm sure that all the rest of the software is Windoze only. Any idea if it'll work in VPC? I've got VPC7 with XP Pro. I have friend with PCs, but no real easy access to one so if I go through with this I'll probably be trying it on my Mac first, then resorting to a PC only if absolutely necessary.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


    Cool Cat
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    BitPim will work, but the other programming tool won't, and you need that for changing the MSL code and uploading the PRL. You really need to have a PC, unfortunately.

    At least that is the case with the treo 600 conversion...
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    Works with VPC7 , no problem at all , it should work with no problem

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