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    I want a short, portable sync and charge cable for my Treo 650. I had the OEM version for the 600 and it worked great! I'm looking at the 8 inch Seidio:
    or the retractable:

    How durable have people found the retractable cable from Seidio? The 8 inch looks better built (and has the hotsync button), but I like the fact that the retractable one is so small, but can actually be extended to 2ft. I'm worried about how the small conductors of the retractable cable will hold up. I wouldn't want them to start shorting out and fry my Treo.

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    oh wow. thanks, I didn't know they had an 8" for the 650. I had the 8" for my 300 and 600 and it was my favorite sync cable (i have many, don't ask). I also have the boxwave retractable for the 600 and always preferred the 8". I haven't looked at your link yet, but the 8" for the 600 was great. they even used the OEM connector on it.
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    I've never had good luck with retractables, much as I love the concept. They tend to break on me (the thin wires apparently don't like being pulled/retracted and tend to cause problems where you must wiggle the cable near the connector to get it to make contact). I also found that many (all?) do not provide enough current to charge the phone while it is in use; this caused grief while using PDAnet as the 600 would cycle between charging and not, making the usual beep-boop noises as it cycled. Obviously, it impacted battery life to whatever degree as well.

    I stuck with an aftermarket cable with a hotsync button and was happy. In fact, I bought one off Ebay for the 650 and am very happy with it. I wrote a little review about it and the VersaCharger from Boxwave:

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