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    What are the best applications for converting and viewing doc files on the Visor? I need something that will convert docs to the right format as well as read them.

    I create alot of .TXT, WordPerfect (.WPD), and Word (.DOC) files I'd like to view on my Visor. I have started poking around and but haven't really found anything that fits the bill, yet.

    I tested Documents to Go, from DataViz. It will convert and display text, Word, WordPerfect, and Excel files. The desktop interface is nicely done and it is easy to get the documents on the Visor (I just drag the file onto the Documents to Go desktop and it does the rest when I synch). It is also expensive at $39.95.

    I also tested Qvadis Express Reader Pro. The price is right ($19.95) but the desktop interface is clunky and hard to work with (for example, if I save a file to my Windows desktop, I can't browse to the desktop to find the file). To create documents from WordPerfect or Word files, I have to convert it to a .TXT file, view it in Express Reader, then create the .PDB file before I can synch it to the Visor.

    What do you use to create and read document files on your Visor or palm unit?
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    I absolutely depend on Documents to Go. I agree that it's pricey, but being able to work with my documents anywhere is part of why I got a PDA. It's worked beautifully for me!
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    Have a look at InstallBuddy for automating the conversions. Especially nice for files that are frequently updated on the desktop.

    If I had to choose just one DOC reader, it would be iSilo for the proprietary conversions of html (limited support for whole web sites). However, TealDOC is a better pure DOC reader.

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