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    have a couple of questions. i downloaded a couple of songs that are wma format. the player wouldn't play them even though it has a wma plugin. also what is the smallest format i can put these into that takes up the least amount of space. i also have some songs that are in window media player format. how do i change songs to different formats. also isn't the ptunes deluxe supposed to be compatable with media player. it didn't recognize a device being plugged in. and lastly i tried to load several songs onto the install tool and it would come up saying this file didn't exist. how can it not exist but it's on my computer in folders and i can play it. thanks
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    Shot in the dark but...are the wma file you downloaded DRM's (or locked)? That might be the reason why they aren't playing...
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    I downloaded the 3.06 version of ptunes and it still can't play WMA files (they are songs I bought so they are probably DRM). Why can't ptunes play them? Is there an additional plug in or conversion necessary?

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    currently ptunes doesn't play wma drm files. microsoft hasent released the code to developers yet.

    ptunes does plan to support (actually, was hopping to already have support for it), but is waiting for MS.
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