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    Is there anyway of viewing files, specifically PDF files, as they appear on your desktop. I have installbuddy which converts it into doc. format, but the pictures, as well as graphs and charts don't convert. Any Ideas?

    Thanks for your help.
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    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $the$ $only$ $way$ $to$ $do$ $this$ $at$ $the$ $moment$ $is$ $to$ $go$ $to$ $HTML$ $and$ $then$ $to$ $palm$ $doc$ ($ie$ $use$ $Isilo$ $web$/$AvantGo$). $This$ $should$ $preserve$ $the$ $images$.

    And the easiest way to go to PDF is probably BCL's free or via a 3rd party plugin such as Gemini or Magellan May be other solutions at

    Your results will almost certainly vary and it may take some experimentation. However, I wouldn't be surprised to see better solutions soon.
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    InstallBuddy includes a translator for PDF, but don't expect miracles. It works OK for bodytext (expect lots simulated line formatting), but anything beyond that is not going to work well (if at all).

    If you can cut and paste from Acrobat Reader into a text editor, that is probably your best bet.
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    Re: the graphics - - Perhaps the full version of Acrobat (not the Reader) allows you select graphics (for cut & paste)?

    For the benefit of any lurking newbies, graphics is not a strength of this hardware platform. If you want to run presentations or display sales brochures on a handheld, consider that other platform.
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    re: Gothm - - This will NOT work on protected PDF files (i.e. most manuals, brochures, etc. that you can download off the net)!

    re: Acrobat Plug-ins - - These only work with Acrobat; they do not work with Acrobat Reader. As per Gothm, I doubt that they will let you process a protected PDF file.

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