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    Hi all,

    Maybe this is a stupid question, and the answer should be obvious to me, but alas, it isn't. How exactly does one stream shoutcast radio on one's Treo 650?

    Thanks in advance,
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    You need to get Pocket Tunes Deluxe. Then download the playlist of the station you want. Then open the file with notepad. Once in notepad look for the HTTP://654.34.23.34:8000 (That's an example). Then go to Pocket Tunes hit the menu key on the phone. Then go actions, open, go to the top right and select shoutcast. Then go to the bottom and select new. Type in the HTTP://654.34.23.34:8000 (what ever is on the playlist) and selct ok. It will get the name of the station. Then select the new found station hit ok and it will play. I hope that helped.
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    Thanks! I appreciate it.


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