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    Is there anyway to get via LED vibrate alert, most importantly LED indiation that I have new email or unread messages in versamail?

    Treobutler works great for SMS and voicemail. but not on new mail. I'm using treohelper to trigger versamail for a fetch of new mail. but can't get any indication that new email or unread messages are there.

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    this is off the topic, but didn't know that butler would LED alerts for SMS and calls. i am buying butler right now :-)
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    same.. been wondering if there was something out there that changed the LED color
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    MaxText would use LED alerts for SMS if the phone is on silent mode.
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    I bought Butler for EXACTLY this reason. Works perfectly!!!!!!!
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    Butler does all of the above!
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    you are getting butler to give you LED indication of new versamail? It's not working for me. any special setting? I'm not using the activesync on the versamail.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ManofTrueGod
    MaxText would use LED alerts for SMS if the phone is on silent mode.
    Yeah it does - and if you like you can suppress the whole sms-popup, the screen light etc etc.

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    I wonder if Shadowmite is around? Do you suppose the Treo simply controls the LED on/off states using GPIO? If so, how does it handle the OS functions which are telling it to blink green, say, once a second and another application in RAM telling it to blink red and orange every few seconds? Sorry, I'm not so well-versed with the device...

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    I have Butler and it does everything above including Versamail LED alerts. Butler is a GREAT program (and Phone Technician is too)!
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