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    is there a simple app for this? or is there any way to edit the categories used in Expense(came w/Visor OS). i was hoping to use it to record/kep track of every time i use my atm/debit card(to compare to statement later), but none of the "expenses" are very useful. i wind up using "other" all the time, which is kinda annoying. i wish i could just write in one word, or even stuff like "food" "withdrawal" "deposit" "check" etc etc. is there any way to do this? or are there any better apps for this? i've looked around and havent found anything, not to mention, i dont want to shell out like 30$ for a simple prgram like this(i like how it records the date automatically).. thanks!
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    Try MyCheckbook. It's freeware and can track 5 different accounts. It's at either: (freeware site)or (author's page).

    Like your checkbook register you can list any description for the entry, date, type of transaction (fixed popup list) and category (editable popup).
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    I have been using MS Money for my checkbook the past four years now, and recently purchased Ultrasoft Money (Pocket Edition)for my Palm/'s the best money I've spend on a program in a while, although it may be overkill for you. It syncs completely with MS Money, making it unnecessary to fire up your computer every time you want to post a check, debit, or ATM withdrawal. Awesome!
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    I agree totally with Verngator, Ultrasoft Money (Pocket Edition) is great. Well worth the $ to me. It makes my Visor a very useful tool.
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    is there any software that will work with Quicken?
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    Yep, PocketQuicken...


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    Has anyone used both PocketMoney, and PocketQuicken? I use Quicken on my desktop, but I might be tempted to switch to the Money desktop if PocketMoney is a superior product to PocketQuicken. Any advise appreciated.

    MB <><
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    I'd like to open this topic back up. Can anyone answer LanMan's question? I'm looking at finding some kind of Expense program as the one included does not even come close to what I need to do.

    The major feature I need is to be able to setup multiple accounts with running balances for each one. This will be for personal and business use. I do have Quicken 2000 at home and I want to be sure that this is "my best solution" before I shell out $40 for it.

    Thanks for any and all input!

    Rick Bailey
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    Well, stupid me....I just did some more checking and I found another thread that talks about this:

    Rick Bailey
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    I actually bought my Visor for this reason alone, I have a debit card and could never keep track of what was in the account. I have been using Accounts & Loans 1.10a, see It is available on TUCOWS and ZDNet. As shareware you can get a free trial copy, I don't recall what it costs to register, but it isn't $40. It has some sort of export function, but I don't use this. I like the basic features so far.

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