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    I went to and read that there was a send to handheld droplet located in my palm folder in my applications folder that I can use to transfer pictures from my iphoto program to my treo 600. I cannot seem to find this folder anywhere on my computer. I have even tried to reinstall my PDT. Where can I find this droplet?

    Please help,
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    I think what you're talking about is a little app that is available on the palm desktop that comes with the 650. It doesn't actually send to handheld, but puts the file in the "install handheld files" folder, and will be transferred on the next hotsync. It's convenient, but misnamed. It should be called "send to install folder droplet".
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    Ok thanks for info. I have the Treo 600 so that could be the reason for no droplet. I wish i had known about the release date of the 650 before I brought the 600 2 weeks before it was released! But I don't think verizon carries the 650. Still love the 600 though


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