Hi all,

I've searched everywhere for answers (Treo Central, PalmOne, PalmSource, google of course) but haven't had luck.

I attempted to move the Palm Desktop Software to my drive "G:\" which is a usb flast drive - then I remove that drive and use it on my laptop with the same configuration.

But on the desktop, when I reboot the PC, it "forgets" that it's supposed to get the Data from my G: drive. So I have have to create a new user each time and I then go through this process:

1) Rename G:\X1 to G:\X2 (X1 is the directory with my PALM Data, X2 is a temp holding directory)
2) Create G:\X1 (new blank directory)
3) In Palm Desktop app, create a new user 'Treo650'
4) Under Tools/Options, change data directory to G:\X1
5) Palm desktop moves this new user I call "Treo650" to G:\X1 - there's no data.
6) Close Palm Desktop app
5) Move data from G:\X2 to G:\X1
6) Reopen Palm Desktop App

At that point - I can see my data and I'm happy. If I shut down Palm Desktop app, and restart it, I get the data.

But if I reboot my PC, it no longer remembers that G:\X1 holds the data and I have to go through the process again.

What have I done wrong?

Thank you.