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    I just left the Sprint store with a refurbished Treo 600 on order to replace my Treo 300 for $0 out of pocket. Apparently, all of the talk on this site about this happening is true! I was looking at the computer monitor while the store manager was going through the process and it said that there were no 300's in stock and that Refurbished 600s are approved replacements for models with cracked flip lids. If you have this problem, go in and find out for yourself.

    All I said was that the lid recently cracked by the hinges... Gave John my phone number... Let him know that a refurbished 600 would be acceptable and then took my receipt and said thank you. It was just that easy.

    I do have one question though. For others who have had this experience... Did your phone come with or without the camera? I have seen varying comments, but wanted to see what those who have actually done this have received. Thanks!
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    I also went to the sprint store yesterday with a broken flip lid. With no fuss, the guy ordered me a refurbished 600. I hope it has a camera but if it doesn't, I won't complain about a free 600.
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    Awesome! I need to tell a guy that works with me about this. How long did they tell you it would take to come in. Mine said 3-4 business days.
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    Same 3-4 days
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    sprint store ordered me a 600 with camera to replace my ****ed-up 300....the 600 is awesome, but you will need pickem software for decent pics. djb.
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    Pick mine up on Monday!
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    I took my defunct 300 in 12/11 and here it is 12/17 and still NO replacement!!!!! And no call from Sprint!
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    Call *2 and say "talk to a human"after Clair asks what you need.. You will be put in queue immediately. Ask for a tracking # then check it online. It may be in transit (it is Christmastime) if it's not, I'd ask for one to be overnighted. I've had great luck with CSR's by simply being polite and using their name.

    Good Luck and keep us posted
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    dwsdad, call or go to the store and ask about it. I took my phone in on 12/9 and they said they would order me a replacement. I went back on 12/16 to ask about it and they said they didn't have any refurb'd 300 and were waiting to see if one came in to the wherehouse. After a brief conversation, he ordered me a refurb 600
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    You should have been given a receipt that has the "pickup date" on it. I dropped mine off on 12/14 and my pickup date is 12/20.
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    I called Sprint and they said that since I had started the process at the store, they had no way of tracking where the replacement was. After several attempts, I FINALLY got someone at the store to answer the phone. When I asked where the replacement was, they said they didn't have one and they were waiting for one to come in. They also said they were going to get a "list" of available 300's this coming week. I asked about getting a 600 instead and they said since I turning in a 300, I was going to get a 300 back. I told her they were no longer being made and I was told that they still see some coming in and that I would have to wait. Before I hung up, I told the girl it was time to switch to Cingular.

    I called *2 immediately after I hung up and told them I wanted to check on an insurance claim replacement. They proceeded to transfer me to Lockline. After I explained to Lockline what was going on and that I was told I was going to have to wait for a 300, the Lockline guy was shocked. How can I get something that isn't made any more? He did something offline and came back and said that he set it up where I should recieve a replacement in about 3 days, shipped direct to the house. If a 300 was available, I would get it, but more than likely I would be getting a refurb 600. So I wait to see what shows up.

    To say I'm pissed at the attitude of the Sprint store is an understatement. I was told by the girl at the Sprint store that Lockline could not tell them what to replace equipment with.

    If this was what I consider a recreational phone, I wouldn't be this pissed, but we dropped our "landline" 2 yrs ago when we went to Sprint and my phone is our main phone. Plus, with my wife's illness, it's important that she be able to contact me whenever and wherever.

    Thanks for listening, guys. I needed to vent.
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    I recently took in a cracked 300 (my 3rd unit I think--the other 2 had different problems) and was initially told I would get a 300 replacement. After a call about 2 days later, he told me he was going ahead and ordering a 600. In the meantime, I had some other conversations with Sprint and have found that the experience varies quite a bit depending on who you get and when. My 300 was actually out of warranty and they still stepped up with a 600.

    All that to say, I read the rants on the board and sympathize (and have had similar experiences), but I'm really thrilled with this new phone--with the warranty out I didn't have high hopes. It came in a couple of days and I didn't have to hand over the old one until the new was in hand.

    folks who paid outright for a 600 have complained some about the memory, but i feel like a kid at Christmas--I've waited for years to hold 23 megs and an SD card in my hand!

    Vent away dwsdad, but hang in there. When you find a good Sprint employee, hold onto that particular contact. I actually got in touch with a rep the other day who called sales for me and joined us in a conference call to discuss upgrading our minutes and replacing my wife's phone. It was impressive to work with her--she had a surprising ammount of clout with the sales person on the phone.

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    It does have a camera (and is a refurb).

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    Hmmm wheels are spinning in my head... I still have my old 300 which has a cracked screen.. All I need to do is activate it and use it for 3 months (everything on it works) and use it as my car phone and then I can get it replaced.. It wasnt worth it if I was just going to get an old 300 but I wouldnt mind having a 600 as my car phone.
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    You do realize that what you are talking about doing is fraud, and since it is over $100 would be considered a felony in most jurisdictions.
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    Just curious... How is LateNight's proposal fraud? I assume he purchased his Treo 300 from Sprint. Its now broken. That may have been why he stopped using it in the first place. How is it defrauding Sprint to ask them for a replacement given that he's still a Sprint customer and still paying for service? Sprint may decline to replace it, but suggesting that its fraud seems to be a stretch.
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    Because the replacement is only done when it is a warranty issue, a cracked screen is NOT covered under warranty. The only other way I can see to get it replaced is using Lock/line. They exclude pre-existing problems, like the aforementioned cracked screen.

    I was assuming (perhaps incorrectly) that he was talking about using Lock/line. If I am mistaken in what he was proposing, I would like to hear what he means. Simply asking for a replacement is certainly not fraud, but IMO it would be a waste of time.Why would they replace it for anything other than a warranty issue? I have a working 300 that I would love to upgrade, but I want to do it without exposing myself to legal action (even though legal action is highly unlikely to happen, I value my integrity, as I'm sure you both. do .)
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    Ditto. I went in to ask what options I might have (if any) with full knowledge that I was out of warranty, but also aware that the hinge crack is a unique issue for Sprint (a design flaw).

    I was prepared to walk away with nothing or an estimate of what a replacement would cost, but hoping to get a 300 refurb. The 600 was a distant hope, but not an expectation.

    Don't get me wrong, I did try pretty hard...

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    Got it, Dragonman...
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    How is what I said fraud?? I had the 300 which was under warrenty with Lockline before I upgraded to my 600??? The unit works so it fulfills the only lockline obligation (that it be fully functional for 30 days).

    At the time it wasnt worth paying the $25 (what it would have cost then) to replace it when I was upgrading..
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