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    You shouldn't need a picture of a broken flip lid. Give it time it will brake on it's own.

    BTW you would have to have insurance on your phone to get it replaced. I would think that a T300 would be more then a year old therefore out of warrenty. If you "brake" it and try to replace it under warrenty they will just laugh at you well trying to get you to buy a T600 or T650 for full price.

    I have Locline through Sprint and my T300 devoloped an orange spot (same as the T600) and Sprint replaced it for $10.00 (charged to my account).

    Anyway be honest and add insurance, pay the $5.00/mo and when it brakes (and it will) replace it.
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    I bought my 300 on ebay in Jan. ($71) It looked new. The flip lid broke today. I called Sprint and the guy told me to take it to the Sprint store. The guy at the Sprint store said it wasn't under warranty and I had to go through Lockline. Lockline charged $50 to my credit card and the girl said I would have either a 600 or a 650 by Wed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tweener702
    If anyone has any pictures of the cracks on the flip lid or screen would you mind sending me...
    Here's what mine looked like.

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    One word: FRAUD
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