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    When I Hotsync, it thinks the phone is a new user every time. Then it Hotsyncs OK. But when I trying to launch a program that is tied to the ID, it says the ID is not set yet. If I Hotsync again, it still thinks it is a new phone, I set the ID but it doesn't stay on the phone.

    Any ideas? Is there a place in the OS to set the ID correctly?

    BTW, everything was fine for a couple weeks. It just started. Perhaps a 3rd party app causes this?
    Sprint Pre, Mugen 2800mah battery
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    Sprint Pre, Mugen 2800mah battery
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    happens to me too! everytime I hotsync, it thinks I did a hard reset. I hate this shhheyoot! When I do hotsync it always resets randomly and NEVER have been able to hotsync my address book...
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    What is on that cat's head? Great pic
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    it his helmet, duh! :-D

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