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    What does the "user comfirmation" mean here? Does "yes" mean "compatible" or "incompatible"?
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    Yes means that the user can replicate and confirm the error, that is, the product is incompatible.

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    I also found the table a little confusing. I thought "Yes" meant the user experienced the problem, but I wasn't sure. Perhaps it just seemed a little unusual to use "Yes" to represent "incompatible" -- a positive word representing a negative meaning. Maybe VisorCentral could replace the yesses and nos with thumb up/thumb down icons? Just a thought.
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    Where is the Software Incompatibility List anyway? I know I've seen it before, but I can't find it now.

    A search only turned up four hits, including this topic, but not the actual list.
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    or go to the homepage, choose software (right under the banner/logo), and you will see the link to the list.

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