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    Anyone know of any free or shareware mail sync options for Mac. (Without having to pay for Multimail).
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    I wish I knew !
    I am looking for awhile now and I didn't find anything.
    In OE 5.0 , there is a PalmSync application but it just sync. the address book!
    The demo from MultiMail is a joke (255 characters..=BS) and I even don't speak about Netscape.
    It's not easy sometimes to be a MAc user !

    Let us know if you find something on your side.
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    I was disappointed too by the OE 5.0 conduit, and it seems the MultiMail conduit demo, besides being limited to 255 characters, doesn't even recognize OE 5.0! Help!
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    ninniku, do not use the OE and MultiMail conduits in the same time ! Multimail, alone, gives me some good results but every message is truncated after one line.
    So basically, I can't read my email on my visor ...for free ! Frustrating !

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