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    Hello all.
    I have a couple of questions regarding the Treo600.
    How many versions of Treo600 hardware there is?
    I hear that most of the people looks for the "Palm" Treo600 and wants to avoid the "Handspring" Treo600 why is that?

    Also I read somewhere that the Treo600 camera has been modified and takes better photos now, how can one tell if the Treo600 in hand has a better version of the camera without taking a photo, maybe by serial number.

    Does the Treo600 takes video with its cam and if so wich is there resolution? Any max movie file length?

    Can Treo600 be used as a voice recorder?

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    I don't think there is different handspring and palm hardware. Camera quality i am not sure if there are diffenences other than fluke and lighting conditions. Almost Every 600 can take really good and reeally bad pictures. Qset and Pickem are worth while downloads to get rid of blue dots and give your camera zoom. Movie Recorder works for video, but you will also need the converting app once you transfer the files to your desktop.

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