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    You can save $ 5.00 on retractable sync and charge cable for Treo 650. The offer ends Friday 17, December 2004.

    Visit their web site and use discount code : MYTREO
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    hey ! this is a discount !!
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    Why yes it is.

    Quote Originally Posted by fortin
    hey ! this is a discount !!
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    I bought this earlier in the week. Got it today. Connector on the end of the cable came defective. The metal conductor slides into the end.

    This cable seems very cheaply made. It looks like someone put it together in a basement soldering operation.

    I called Seidio customer service. They wouldn't just send a replacement. I had to go through their RMA procedure....

    Still waiting for an RMA response from them.. Seems like they are going to want me to send it back.... baahh.. I really wanted to use this next week.

    I'd wait for TreoCentral or Boxwave to come out with a cable. The boxwave is higher quality then this one.
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    Hi Mogulman,

    Our connector is aftermarket type. However, it should be reliable and durable.
    We have shipped out many cables and we always make sure each cable is made following our standard procedures. We will evaulate the cable to find out what went wrong after we got it back.

    Your replacement will go out on Monday.

    Sorry for the problem

    David Chang
    Product Marketing Manager
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    Thanks for the quick response. I wasn't expecting anyone from Seidio to be monitoring the boards. I did see you advertise that the cable was available early in the week and was excited to get it.

    I retract my responses regarding customer service...

    I'd really like to give this a good review... I'll see how the next one goes..
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    Got the replacement cable from Seidio yesterday. This one is defective (in the same place) as well. Sent them an email RMA again. We'll see what happens.

    It seems like they may have a bad batch of connectors (on the Treo 650 end). One of the metal conductors pushes back inside the connector when the cable is attached to the Treo 650 and makes poor (or no) contact.

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