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    Is the software that is packaged with
    the VISOR available for download?

    I just ordered my VISOR, but it will
    take a week or more to arrive.

    I figure I can save time by downloading
    the software and entering all my names,
    addresses, contacts, reminders, etc.
    right now and then download it to the
    VISOR when it arrives.

    Does this make sense? Can it be done?

    If so, can you direct me to exactly
    where the software is located for download
    and the name of the software or file

    Is this a good idea for me to do at this
    point. I figure I can save a lot of time
    and have my VISOR ready when it arrives.

    Ronald Epstein
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    Ron, glad to see you chose the Visor.

    It's a great idea for you to start entering data into the computer (via Palm Desktop) while waiting, so that you'll be up and running in no time when your Visor arrives. You can download the Desktop software here:

    Another software you must have is Avantgo (at ), which allows you to read web pages that you specify offline on the go. As someone else mentioned, most useful and interesting software can be found at . Check out their Essentials and Top 50's... but you'll have to wait for your Visor to arrive in order to install these programs...

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    Another option is to enter said data into MS Outlook if you are going to sync with Outlook. (You choose upon installation of Visor software which desktop app you want to sync with, Palm Desktop or Outlook.) This bypasses the need to download the Palm Desktop.

    Because my wife had entered all of our addresses into Outlook, when I got my Palm III about a year ago I had all of our Personal address info on my new Palm just 10 minutes after removing it from the box. Amazing and wonderful!

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    Hi Ron!

    I don't think you will be disapointed with the Visor.
    I have had mine since November, and it has become a 'can't live without item'

    Some of the Freeware, shareware you will want to grab:

    - Reminder v2.0 - Great for reminding you of Birthdays or whatever
    - HandyShopper v-1.70 - A free shopping list manager
    - EVPLugBase - Alternative to hackmaster
    - Launcher III - File manager
    - Avantgo - Excellent for grabbing web info during hotsync
    - DiddleBug 2.10 - Post-it note type drawing app.
    - CSpotRun - free doc reader

    Etc., Etc. Etc.

    There is just so much great stuff out there!!!

    Anyway... SEE YOU IN LA... HTF 2000...
    I'll be bringing my Visor of course

    Take care,

    Brad N
    Vancouver, Canada

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