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    The worst part of my dealings with Dan was that he didn't leave a postitive feedback (or any feedback) even though I paid within minutes of the end of the auction. But I got over that.
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    oh jeez, this is so blown up ... Unfortunately, I did not archive the brief dialogue I had with Dan over a month ago on eBay from my job. I had no reason to. Why would I come here and participate in a thread about a vendor I had no experience with?

    JoeTampa, this IS indeed one of the best places to go if you want to turn people on to, or away from, a vendor that sells accessories for the very devices this site is built for. This is where I found out about Dan's Cellular. You don't think Treo users come here for vendor information? What better a place to make a buzz about something related to a Treo. Touche, Woof??
    Where's your business sense? Well, nonexistent, I guess, if you're actually debating my reaction to a clearly inexusable vendor experience.

    Keep in mind, my friends, that I never said "don't buy from Dan." This is a forum for people to air their experiences, and for fellow members to draw their own conclusions upon.
    Had the guy not been rude to me and just ellaborated the fact that his case was indeed not for the 650, I would have nothing bad to say about him. Like you, I would probably buy from him again, but thanks to the info shared on this forum, I would proceed with care... which is all you should be doing. That's all!
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    I placed an order from Dan on the weekend for a car charger and an external battery for the Treo 600. I got a shipping confirmation on Tuesday and it arrived in my mail today (2 days, yippee.) Only thing is... I got the car charger fine, but instead of my external Treo 600 battery, they sent an OEM Treo 650 battery (a PalmOne branded OEM battery to boot). I wish I could afford a 650, but not right now, just odd that they would replace a $5 part (my external T600 battery) with something they sell for $35 (which is 2 times what I paid for my 2 auctions combined.)

    I have sent him an email, I'm sure it will be rectified... I will keep up on it. At least he sent a free stylus!
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    I just received my HBH 660 headset and 2 OEM car chargers for my 650. Dan's is #1 emails back within the same day. It only took 3 days from payment to receive everything. I don't know why some of you had a problem with him. But I highly recommend Dan's!
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    Dan is good seller .
    No probs with my order ....
    Everything was as advertised ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Woof
    I sell on ebay and people like you take the fun away. If you want it right now go to the friggin store and buy it. Buying from Dan's get you a hella discount but there is a price.You dont get it, the second you want it.
    OK, I've only dealt with Dan once and everything arrived OK, but kinda slow.

    That said, I do have to wonder at the sense of entitlement among many eBay sellers (Woof apparently included) to take a buyer's money ASAP and then ship when they d@mn well feel like it.

    I also sell on eBay, not for a living, but just as a way to liquidate unneeded stuff that might be of use to someone else. Even a penny-ante seller like myself has little excuse for taking more than 48 hours to ship, especially with the integrated USPS and UPS shipping label printing available on eBay and PayPal sites. Even with a real job to go to, if you pay me Tuesday night, your item will be at the Post Office or UPS Store Wednesday afternoon. Why is that so hard for a "pro" like Dan?
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    I have purchased many things from dan and never had any problems. My last purchase was the HBH660 headset and after one week i received a replacement treo and could not seem to get the headset working i e mailed dan that it was defective and within one hour i had a reply telling me to return it and he will send a replacement. Nothing wrong with that great customer service

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    I have bought and sold a few items on eBay. Dan's Cellphones is one of the better eBay sellers that I have used. Service was prompt and courteous. Prices were GREAT.
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    There is nothing in striperbooter's email's that justifies the rudeness on Dan's part. As a business person his behavious is inexcusable, in my opinion that is.

    Personally, my one time experience with Dan was when I first bought my Treo 600 back in December of 2003. I ordered some accesories from him and if I remember correctly I had some questions regarding the timing of his shipping and I had tried to contact Dan via phone and email with no luck and when he finally did respond to one of my emails he was rather rude in his responses. Having said this I should also state that on the order front I finally did get my shipment in time and as per my order.
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    FWIW, I have bought from Dan before, and just bought 2 T650 Pa1mOne side cases and car chargers. Immediate communication, made my PayPal payment, shipped the next day, had it in 2 days. About as good an eBay experience as possible, and maybe better than some on-line merchants.
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    I have ordered twice from Dan's and the first time when I got some 600 accessories, I will say he was rather rude. He sent me the wrong item, and when I called him on it, they told me to send the items back first so they can correct the order, of which I refused. I told them to send me my CORRECT order with a mailer for me to return the items they sent in error. That didnt go well, Dan basically went back and forth with me 2-3 times like a middle-schooler, but this was AFTER he had shipped the corrected order. Maybe its just the american way but I have been treated rudely before in restaurants and stores, and as long as I get what I paid for, I could care less. He had shipped the items already so I just brushed it off. My second order I placed for the 650 formfit case and car charger went flawlessly.

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    Do I count as a Palm addict if I still have my original Palm IIIC?
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    Well, I have ordered from him a three times. He shipped quickly every time and the first two times I got my items in just a few days. The third time he again shipped right away, but the USPS took forever to get my item. I was moving and emailed to ask to what address the item was shipped. I got not response at all, not good. I do remember asking through the ebay link questions BEFORE I bought and the emails are always ansered promptly, go figure. The shipping was not his fault but I do EXPECT my emails to ansered within a resonable time frame. That is not too much to ask and anyone processing as many orders as he is must have help to keep everything straight. Overall given his feedback he does thing right for the most part eventhough feedback seems to be given after it is received fromt the buyer.
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    Dan is like the Seinfeld "soup nazi". His products and prices are great, but you have to be careful the way you communicate with him....
    The first time I ordered something, I thought he was rude and vowed not to go back...but he delivered as promised, so I DID go back....I have ordered 3 times from him and I basically just keep communication to a minimum because I trust that he will come through in the end....
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