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    After I ordered my free SD card I got an email with a link to a site for a survey. I was anxious to let P1 know how I felt so I clicked on it. When I got to the site I found this message:

    "Thank you for participating in our survey. Your answers are important to us, and we appreciate the time an effort you have taken to provide us with your input!

    -- The palmOne Team "

    I guess they already knew what I was going to say so the survey was not necessary. LOL
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    Do you ever get the feeling that the folks at P1 are one flush short of an empty toilet?
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    Now maybe because their projected sales are down they'll FINALLY listen to what their customers (aka the people who actually buy their product) instead of what the carriers want and not cut corners.
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    When I clicked on the link in my confirmation email it was re-directed to the PalmOne website main page

    Maybe they got enough feedback? :-)


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