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    I don't friggin get this piece of sheeeyoooot!!! I did hard reset. I restored everything but ringtones & calendar database. Tealbackup can't restore them. I even went into the directory where they are backed up through filez. When I try & copy or move over to internal, I get some random error that won't allow me to get these databases into internal. I even tried emailing them to me. No luck. What the hell iw wrong with Palmone?! Help!
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    I posted something similar a few days ago. It seems like not everyone is having these problems.

    Do you use Datebk5?
    When was the last time you HotSynced, and the last time you backed up?
    Do you have a DatebookDB app in your backup?
    If TealBackup allows you to see the files on the SD card, you may be in luck. Try HotSyncing them over.
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