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    Yeah I know I'm living in the dark ages....but....I want's the question.....I have just loaded the sync software which came with the Treo says it only works on OSX but it is all up on my desktop. However, the software does not want to syn with the phone....Any suggestions?

    Also While I'm here....I have been using Jot as the handwriting software on my there anything better out there nowadays. I am pretty happy with Jot...but let me know if there is anything new, faster, better....thanks
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    I had this problem with my 600 and os9. I would get the "hotsync manager not found". I ended up putting a hotsync manager alias on my desktop, and double clicking on that worked.

    I also remember having to purge my computer of any palm desktop files and doing a fresh install. I suggest a "palm" search on sherlock to find any remnants of the palm desktop software.

    I did get it to work. However, I would save the aggravation and upgrade to OSX unless you're using a Macintosh Duo or 630CD. I'm using OS 10.3.7 on a G3 500, and it's very usable. So much more stable than OS9.

    But I'm guessing you've heard this speech before.
  3.    #3're right about the clash of the old hot syc sotware. I loaded the Treo stuff onto another Mac with 9.2 installed and it worked perfectly......

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