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    Whew, thank JFC that I ran across this forum before I paid my $60 for Snappermail Enterprise!

    Chatter is just what I have been looking for- a small, tight, quick IMAP client for the Treo 650. Chatter's sync mode is very fast! It's working well with my Cyrus imap server on Linux. great job!

    And you got TSL working! (even snappermail has problems with Cyrus's STARTTLS commands)

    The only big thing I would like to see is some more font options. I suppose I can try Fonts4OS5. Right now Chatter is rock solid on my T650, but the fonts aren't doing my screen any justice.

    I love the speed howeve: I finally feel like I can put my Blackberry away now and never turn it on again. The T650 is a great device.
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    I hope you enjoy using Chatter Email!

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    For the geeks- here is my server log from a CM login (TLS rocks!):

    Dec 18 12:21:26 rasputin imaps[26356]: accepted connection
    Dec 18 12:21:26 rasputin master[26470]: about to exec /usr/cyrus/bin/imapd
    Dec 18 12:21:26 rasputin imaps[26470]: executed
    Dec 18 12:21:27 rasputin imaps[26356]: TLS server engine: cannot load CA data
    Dec 18 12:21:30 rasputin imaps[26356]: mystore: starting txn 2147483667
    Dec 18 12:21:30 rasputin imaps[26356]: mystore: committing txn 2147483667
    Dec 18 12:21:30 rasputin imaps[26356]: starttls: SSLv3 with cipher RC4-MD5 (128/128 bits new) no authentication
    Dec 18 12:21:33 rasputin imaps[26356]: login: [] dillera plaintext+TLS User logged in
    Dec 18 12:21:34 rasputin imaps[26356]: seen_db: user dillera opened /usr/local/var/imap/user/J/dillera.seen
    Dec 18 12:21:34 rasputin imaps[26356]: open: user dillera opened Inbox
    Dec 18 12:21:36 rasputin imaps[26356]: SQUAT returned 100 messages
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    I installed Chatter Email yesterday and my life is so much better!

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