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    I got the 650 last week and for some strange reason the backlight keeps inadvertantly going on. My phone will be sitting on my desk and the light will just come on. No calls or messages no accidently bumping it..just for no reason ..and then it will go off. Sure enought a few minutes later will come on again..anyone else have this problem ..its more of an annoyance than anything. But it happens all the time ... any help would be appreciated
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    Its probably versamail doing its "background" check
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    anyway to stop it ...Im watching it happen as we speak... its every few minutes ...
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    It probably isn't versamail then. Unless you are also getting an alert that says "last attempt failed"
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    It may be going in and out of "service area" Is your signal strong where you are?

    Try a soft reset
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    I don't think so.. I have 2 bars and it doesn't seem to change...i've had it a week ..i dont want to have to bring it back yet.......I'll just deal with it for now.
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    I have seen the same thing. I don't use Versmail either, never even launched it. Noticed it in my basement last night, where the signal isn't great, so it may have something to with that. Definitely isn't much rhyme or reason to it. I thought it might have something to do with Verichat.

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