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    I have had the same issue since treo 600. when I receive a second line while on the phone and finish with one of the lines. I cannot make another call until I hang up on both of them.

    2. Problem when I make 2 calls to conference how do I hang up on one of my calls from conference?
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    you cannot... much discussion there has been here of this.
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    Wow, they didn't fix this on the treo 650?
    That sux
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    I was told that this is a sprint issue not a treo issue. Still I don't remember this being an issue with my vm4500. When I get a call waiting and open the second line, when one hangs up it shows "on hold" but I wonder if I am acutally being charged for the minutes?
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    for some reason I belive its palmOne that has to enable those features in their software. All other phones on Sprint can perform such features

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