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    Hi guys... guess it took something this minor to bring out the first post.

    Initiating the number lock works fine for all other apps, but on web pages (using Blazer), it never seems to take hold. It just works for one character and reverts back to normal.

    Anyone else seen this? I never had this problem with my 600, only with my 650.

    Here are a few pages you can try it on:

    Mobile Delta Flight Status
    Mobile Weather Underground
    Mobile Fedex Tracking
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    I've noticed this, too. Anybody got any suggestions?

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    Does anyone know the solution to the problem that the number lock doesn't always work on some websites using Blazer?
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    noticed too, i now use keycaps600 which eliminate the need for numlock
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    FYI: This has always been a problem on my Treo 600.
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    I guess I hardly ever used Blazer on my 600 to notice (used Webviewer) but it happens consistently with me now on my 650...

    Really annoying!!!
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