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    hi guys ia am a newbie in the wap world and am not very happy with the usability and speed of blazer, can someone receommend a decent browser?

    any suggestions or a IM client (one time cost) that does not need usage fees would also be appreceiated
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    Checkout webviewer which is a very fast proxy based browser. You need to install the Java runetime for palmos to run it FYI. Here are the links to both:

    Do a search for much m ore discussion on webviewer...

    As far IM, there are tons of choices like verichat, causerie, chatpotus, chatter, etc. Read the following thread for in depth info:

    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $most$ $IM$ $app$ $require$ $annual$ $fees$. $However$ $a$ $couple$ $like$ $chatopus$ $and$ $mundu$ $don$'$t$:
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    Or you can use, its a proxy browsing service but does not require any software. You can use Blazer. It works really well.
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    i am trying to get webviewr to connect it hangs at "contacting server"
    i even went into prefrs and Java settings put in the proxy xx.xx.xx.xx:8080 (tzones) but no go either any suggestions

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