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    i have the overclocking hack on my visor, and it makes it go substantially faster. i was wondering if it shortened the microprocessors life? thanks
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    It shouldn't shorten the processor's life, or at least not enough to notice (I've never seen a processor fail, just one that kept overheating because it used way to much power- a pentium 60 to be exact, used the now extinct Socket 4, which ran a 5 volts rather than the later pentium's 2.5 volts. Got so bad I couldn't load on Win 3.11 . Anyway, it does lower the life of your batteries.

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    I've often wondered this question as I overclock to 22MHz.

    Now, if overheating is the enemy of the overclocked cpu's lifespan, someone who's handy at taking apart the Visor should be able monitor the cpu temp with and without overclocking. That way we'll know for sure how much "headroom" we have on the Dragonball processor.

    Anyone interested in this little experiment?

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