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    I am a newbiw and have only had mu VDX a couple of weeks---Would someone say what they condider the essetial types of software each Visor user needs and what they consider their recommedations for each? I already am trying the demo for Quicksheets but what else might I need? also what is a "Hack" ??
    Thanks for the help----
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    Taking your last question first, a "hack" is a special kind of program that changes the way your Visor operates. For instance, MenuHack allows all of your other applications to open the menu by tapping the top of the screen, instead of using the menu silkscreen button at the bottom.

    Hacks are powerful, as they can change all other programs. On the flip side, some of them will crash you Visor (expecially when used with other hacks) and force you to do a hard reset.

    To use hacks you need the program HackMaster, or another one called Eva-something or other.
    I'm currently using SafeHack, MenuHack, and SwitchHack, all available from

    As to your first question, entire books could be written on the subject.

    Go to palm gear and click on the "Essentials" link and see what they recommend.

    You need a Doc reader. I'm using both ISilo (since it can download web sites into your Visor and display them) and TealDoc. There is a review of quite a few Doc readers at

    I personally recommend AvantGo, . You sign up at their free web site, and subcribe to electronic magazines and newspapers. At Hotsynch time, they are downloaded into your Visor. I subcribe to my local weather, the tv listings, the top news stories, Salon and Wired News.

    Budgeting software is nice. I'm using QuikBudget. will (for a fee) give you a street map of your city.

    You can find lots of novels to read and technical documents for reference at and

    Of course there are lots of games. I enjoy Ancient Red and Dragon Bane. will give you a program that can display photos of your spouse or other images. You need a digitizer scanner for your computer, of course.

    A thesaurus, a dictionary, and some kind of drawing program also can be useful.

    If you are a programmer, and want to write software for the Visor, check out and learn about Quartus Forth. I've already written two crude programs for my Visor.

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    Diddlebug is extremely handy.

    Setting your ToDo list button to open it is one of the most usefull things I've learned about my Visor.

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    Here are some other ideas:

    BackupBuddyNG - Allows you to do a full backup of any or all applications. HotSync only saves data, so if you have to do a hard reset, without BackupBuddy, you'd have to reinstall all your applications onto your Visor.

    Fitaly - this is a keyboard-replacement hack. It's laid out differently than a normal keyboard, with the most common letters near each other in the middle. It makes entering letters faster by making the average distance you have to move the stylus a lot shorter.

    Recycle - a memory defragger - good if you're often deleting stuff off your Visor - disable hacks before running.

    ER-CPR - a simulator and real-time CPR instructor. The registered version asks questions during a real rescue about the victim and tells you what to do, even beeping in time for breathing/chest compressions.

    TealEcho - a hack that draws your grafitti on the screen as you write, helping you know how you're doing.

    MagicTextHack - lets you double-click to select words, triple-select to select paragraphs, and drag-and-drop text.

    switchhack - lets you easily jump to recently used apps, or switch to where you were a moment ago.

    safehack - a free hack that turns off "show private records" each time you turn off the Visor.

    greenlighthack - a free configurable backlight inverter.

    middlecaps - define part of the letter grafitti area to be upper-case and you don't have to use the upstroke for capitals anymore.

    Don't forget a reader for e-books: Some folks like the free CSpotRun for Doc files, but I think it's too bare-boned compared to TealDoc. There are other formats too, so watch out!

    Another source for free books:

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    For me it's ThinkDB...without a doubt. I've never created a database in my life but now I'm creating all sorts of databases that let me take full advantage of the Visor's portability: party planning, shopping lists that sort groceries by supermarket aisle, expense programs that meet my needs better than the one that comes with the OS, etc.

    I also recommend the games from Astraware: Bzzz, Fire!, Astroids and Zap2000. Consistent high quality and only $5 bucks each to register.

    Also IrLink to hot sync by beaming so you can throw away your cradle.

    And LaunchEm gives you an easier and more powerful screen interface than the one that comes with the OS.
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    Multimail Pro 3.0 is a the best email/newsgroup program I have seen. You can get it from It costs about $30 but well worth it I think.

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