A year ago when Treo 600 was out, I said: when the next Treo (now the 650) is out, we won't get any upgrading discount as we are getting now ($200, offered by Palmone), because it will be perfect and have Bluetooth. Palmone offered $200 cut because they knew the Treo 600 was not worth a $600 upgrading from a Treo 300 etc.

I was half right and half wrong. True, no any discount this time, but still not perfect. Finally there are workable email and WWW, BT dialup is still missing. I tried PDANet, WirelessModem and the unofficial patch, all have this and that problems, nothing like SonyErricson or Nokia BT phones. The Blazer is much better than before, but still cannot remember a position in a previours web page. What the Blazer team has been doing for the entire year?

I'll return it and wait until the BT dialup works like SE and Nokia phones, and there is a browser that's equal to or better than Blazer but can remember a previous page position.

Dear Treo design team: when competing with PPC phones, you never win if you fight them with (stupid) advanced features such as video recording. Focus on those little things that you are good at such as tweaking one-hand operation (you've done a very good job on this). Versamail is well done. All Blazer needs is to remember a previous page position. And get someone from SE to do the BT right.