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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowmite
    I'd be happy to work with you too... But on what!? There are so many things to play with... Are they suggesting a clone of callfilter? I think that will be updated for the 650 as soon as the GSM comes out...
    I hear you!

    I have a great idea that I will PM to you that goes along the lines of a profile of all profile apps.

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    Shadowmite... Would you mind making a Rom version of "Rom update with DUN, no real, no GetBC, no Download" without the QuickTour.

    I have no need for the voice app and note pad (I like Diddlebug better).
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    can U post thinks to the BT prob threads for Shadow? I am mobile, or I would do it.
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    ya know... "thinks"= the links :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowmite
    If someone posts a link, I can look at other apps to add... As for the bluetooth mute problem... I have to say, What problem!?!? Honestly, my bluetooth headset is perfect... What is the problem? Can someone tell me how to produce it? If I can find it, and it's as simple as some assembly instructions, I can do it...
    People are saying that if you hit the mute button on he phone while you are connected via BT headset, the volume is increased on the headset.
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    Ok, is this increase a good or bad thing? I was told by several people that they thought the headset sound was too quiet. But on mine, it was WAY to loud... I had to crank it down all the way... I can't fix something I can't reproduce...
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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowmite
    Ok, is this increase a good or bad thing? I was told by several people that they thought the headset sound was too quiet. But on mine, it was WAY to loud... I had to crank it down all the way... I can't fix something I can't reproduce...
    I hear you. There are a number of threads out there where people are talking about this issue. I'm too tired right now to search for them. I'm going to bed...... Will look into a solution to this issue tomorrow. Shouldn't take more than a couple of hours to throw something together for people to test.

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    I'll test the BT out.
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    ya shadow the basic problem is the phone doesnt go loud enough with BT to hear while driving (for me at least). Toggleing the mute button on/off increases the volume (too much sometimes. Problem is touching any other button on the phone takes the volume back down to previous level and the mute unmute trick no longer works. It seems as though the main request is to allow the volume to go a bit higher on the phone.

    I noticed on my 600 when using the wired jabra earboom it was so loud I had to turn the volume all the way down on the handset. On my 650 the volume needs to be halfway up scale for same sound in the headset. Yes this example is a wired headset. However on the four BT headsets I ahve tried were all to low on MAX volume.

    That make any sense?

    Here are the link sxtg suggested i post.

    and again what headset are you using and can you hear just fine when driving 50+
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    Jeff, who said you could sleep?? jk have a good one and thanks for the assistance on the bt issue.
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    shadow I would happily test the bt patch but alas I lost my BT headset. It fell out of my shirt pocket. If anyone finds a stray SonyEricsson hbh-660 laying around it is most certainly mine.
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    I am using a Bluetrek G2... First time I used it my ear got blasted because of how loud it was... I've turned it almost completely down now. I wonder sometimes if palm released different models to test different mic gains, tone settings, etc... Hmm...
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    Yes! thanks Jeff & Shadow.

    Thanks for the link Woof. I am so excited about the confidence Jeff has in fixing BT! Hopefully shadow can include it in a rom flash. SWEEEEEET!
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    ok just send me your phone, cause you obviously got the only one that works.

    Seriously though can you figure out what the deal is?
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    No idea what I am talking about, but if I send you BT files could you compare against yours? Would it help?
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    Let me think about the bluetooth thing, and between Jeff and I I'm sure we can think of something. Goodnight...
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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowmite
    You know, I'm starting to think if we had a GSM modem board, we could swap it in and have a GSM phone instead... There is a 1 bit flag to tell the phone app if it's GSM or CDMA! (Going to GSM menu's with a CDMA phone kills it pretty fast...
    You ever see these pics?
    Click here---->
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    I would like to suggest a "blueprint" for a new app for you guys to work on: a button commander. An app that will let you assign any and all buttons to whatever you want to do (launch app, power on/off, etc.) with the ability to disable/enable these custom functions on a per-application basis.
    This app would let you regain control of the fourth button, turn the side button into a power button, etc.
    I can even provide interface mockups if that helps.
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    Those pics of the GSM phone almost confirm what I thought. So, anyone with a GSM treo 600 wanna try hacking a 650 CDMA to GSM!? Seriously though, it might be possible, but lets not because that would be a violation of FCC rules...

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