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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeTampa
    Just think - if we were to pursue it properly, we might even get Palm to allow TreoCentral users access to betas such as this on an official basis, with Palm accepting responsibility for toasted Treos in exchange for feedback and comments. Companies such as Palm should be falling all over themselves to accomodate willing beta testers amongst the more technically astute of their customer base who wouldn't mind testing new software for them in real-world scenarios and who won't freak when something is not 100% stable. I know that we value such customers, just as MS does with us all.

    - Joe

    That's the ticket. I have emailed a few P1 types that I know and have asked them very nicely, what were there testing proceedures? Who did they give it to, etc.? I know for a fact that upper-level Sprint execs had them for a while to test and I have let the P1 types know that they (I know some of them) are the worst people to have testing something like this. I know one that has his secretary print off all his email, to which he dictates responses that she takes down in shorthand, then she types the email responses for him! This guy had a 650 and was supposed to evaluate it!! LOL.

    In any case. P1 should, selectively perhaps, take advantage of some of the folks on sites like this to REALY test the device before they send it out.
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    So that others can learn from my mistake. DO NOT deleted all the files that start with MM. After I did this I could no longer see my memory card. I don't know the exact file or files that caused it but some of them must have.
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    As for removing and adding stuff from the ROM I would like to state that MS got in a world of trouble for forcing people to use IE and other imbedded programs without giving them clear options to disable or remove them. Now since SP1 for Windows XP users have been able to exert more control over these apps and even in some cases remove them completely.

    My personal feeling is that the base OS should not be messed with but all of the added stuff by Sprint (splash screens, other programs) and other licensees should be removable by default. All of that stuff should have been loaded into RAM not ROM allowing people to remove things they don’t need freeing up recourses to add the programs that they want to use. I mean how many of us still have Earthlink, AOL an all of the other ISP software on our computers that we never use. How many of us still have all of the other bloat software that hardware vendors and licensees added to our computers still lurking around. I know when I get a new computer the first thing I do is format it to get rid of all the Dell, Gateway, etc… stuff from the computer and then load it with the stuff I want and need. I don’t see how our removing of non-OS related items from our 650s is any different.

    That is my soap box rant of the moment.
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    I wish I knew which prc's one could remove to get rid of tutorials, Versamail...etc. I'm assuming that the MM file that cturek deleted & messed with his card was 'MMSDCard', but I don't have the guts to play with it.
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    Long Time reader fourth (or fifth) time writer.


    Edgefox (to his much better half over his new treo 650): OK I'll Talk to you later...
    Better Half: Ok bye, oh and I wanted to say if my phone broke up nearly as uch as yours has been doing in the past couple of weeks you'd be freaking out

    (It's true I hate when some one's phone breaks up)

    Edgefox: my phone was breaking up?
    Better Half: click


    This morning after flashing the Rom with the upgrade (and no RP!)

    Edgefox: can you hear a difference?
    Better half: Are you on your cell phone!?
    Edgefox: Uh, yeah...
    Better Half: It sound's great...

    In retrospect that story wasn't so great just wanted to let everyone know that the patch worked great for me ,

    However the DUN patch now seems to have an issue, oh well... I guess you pick and choose.
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    Whats wrong with the DUN patch!?!
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    Also, guys, exciscise EXTREME caution if you choose to delete files from the ROM yourselves. The reason I have not released more combinations of roms yet is it's VERY tricky... The phone loads and assiociates some things (like Get bc.prc to the messaging button the first time)... Thus I've already gotten my phone into a hard reset loop! (Not good! I got out of it, but chances are you all won't have the hardware to do it!).

    Someone pointed out to me the boot.conf file, thank you! The first time I loaded that notepad crashed, but I swore there was nowhere near that much info in it! Thus I ignored it!
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    Any luck killing off download and quick tour?
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    Download appears to be the "hidden-handango" files... Dunno about quick tour yet...
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    Shadowmite the problem with the DUN patch was the user... I forgot the correct process to go through in order to let my mac see that I had the option to use DUN.

    But now (after rereading) it's working fine, in fact it seems like i'm getting a faster data rate, but I'm going to double check that right now.

    so far these are the results... 247.5 kbps
    cnet 70.4 kbps
    dsl reports (speakeasy)35.4 kbps down
    94.5 kbps up
    dsl reports (megapath) 31kbps down
    93 kbps up

    hmm not very conclusive but I take back my original comment about it being faster, everything works about as it did oroginally.
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    Quote Originally Posted by airjoe
    I guess I should clarify my position, because I've been called out for my previous comment. I personally appreciate that you distributed the ROM update, and with Shadowmite's (and others, including P1) work this could be the most powerful piece of software EVER for the T650. My opinion was that you were (inadvertently?) profiting from something you may not (I'm trying to carefully choose my words here) have had explicit consent to even distribute, let alone was not your original "property" (referencing previous discussions on intellectual property).

    Obviously your inentions were not so "impure" as I asumed, given your statement to make a donation for those engineers who've made this possible. I personally would caution that, as it may cause even more problems for those engineers - "organizations" have a funny way about them, and sometimes those good intentions can cause REALLY bad reactions... Just a thought..

    Alternatively, I would support donating that money to Shodowmite - who has truly made unbelievable contributions to this product's functionality, or some other related cause to this specific venture - in which case I personally will make a donation too...

    Hopefully I've cleared the air, and not come across as as much of a hypocrite as I did in the earlier post... If I'm still a jerk, so be it.

    YOu are probobly right... my generosity might be misinterpreted by Palmone folks..

    Regards to the money thing... no question Shadowmite has contributed alot...Kudos... he does deserve $$$.

    But...... i made the choice to send the files. I made the choice to help people that were having problems with their phones... i made the choice to potentially fry my device... and i tried it, it worked and many people are alot more happier than they were two days ago.

    Give me the credit..

    Alternatively, i would not have sent the files if i knew it contained what it did.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeTampa
    As to the comparison to TiVo hacks - nowhere do I remember anyone discussing dispensing TiVo's copywritten code - most were concerned with putting in larger hard disks (which you have every right to do), video extraction (which would give TiVo fits, but again, which you have the right to do), and adding features like a web server (again, perfectly legal). I don't recall anyone ever, for example, ripping a beta software update and offering it up to everyone. Not that it would be practical/possible given the nature of such updates, mind you, but you get the idea.
    That wasn't what I meant. I believe distributing the patch was done with tacit approval, at least at first: PalmOne people following the thread, someone even discussing it with them. It's when Shadowmite looked into it and started doing more than what was intended, that was the hack. And that was the same with TiVo: people looking into the software on disk and doing more than what was intended with it.
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    Well, speaking for myself, I would want to make sure that the person giving approval to release the patch had the authority to do so. I know that if I give my company's software to someone I'd better be within guidelines for doing so.
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    Quick question... I installed the patch but have since did a hard reset and reinstalled all the palm data from the CD. Do I need to reinstal the patch???

    Thanks in advance!
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    I updated my ROM with the patch (no real player, DUN enabled) and have not had a hard reset in the past 24 hours... usually, I would have had three or four by now... been using versamail and business connect the whole day too....

    Glad to see this thing works well for my phone, shadowmite.
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    when you erased real player, did you get more available RAM to use?
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    I had more available ram
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    Quote Originally Posted by edgefox
    I had more available ram
    I find that hard to believe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gfunkmagic
    Well all the 'lawyering' aside, I think everyone should download all the files they can find before the links get taken down!

    Shadowmite, your exploits keep growing to exponential heights! Would it be possible some how to integrate the wifi SD driver patch with the Rom installer in the future? On the other hand, that would be a bad idea huh?

    What I really want is the ability to remove and add the apps (registered of course) that I want on the Treo's rom. Also since the Rom image is stored compressed on Nand chip and decompressed to ram, I assume a 'cleaned up' rom image with apps like versmail/real removed would occupy less space when decompressed on ram? The question I'm really trying to ask here is, where will the extra ram come from?!

    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $the$ $Treo$ $650$'$s$ $memory$ $architecture$ $is$ $designed$ $as$ $follows$ ($as$ $described$ $by$ $euroclie$ $in$ $another$ $thread$:

    Treo 650:
    NAND Flash (Total Size = 32 MB)
    Boot Code (< 1 MB)
    Compressed ROM (8 MB)
    User Data or Storage Heap (24 MB)
    Internal Volume (Not Present)

    RAM (Total Size = 32MB)
    Decompressed Rom (16 MB)
    DB Cache Area (10 MB)
    Dynamic Heap (6 MB)

    If you remove apps from the compressed Rom image, the compressed rom image itself should shrink in size and so will the decompressed rom in the ram. But I'm assuming the DB cache and dynamic heap are hard coded or something right? Therefore the only space to be gained would be the storage heap on the nand chip? Is this correct?1 Any comments or corrections would be appreciated! Tia...

    read gfunks post...
    My experience supports his facts as well. I ran the update without real and my available memory has remained unchanged
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    Quote Originally Posted by dutchtrumpet
    read gfunks post...
    My experience supports his facts as well. I ran the update without real and my available memory has remained unchanged
    If you were to pull Real Player and VersaMail off of the ROM but add Pocket Tunes and Snapper in it's place, then you would not need to put them in RAM and have more available, right?

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