Got the 650 yesterday from VC. I was a mid 500 order from the Chigago Roadshow, $359 total with shipping. Have been told AGAIN by Sprint CSR that I can get the $150 rebate since I had my old phone more than 18mo. We will see, it they really do send the rebate, that will be one heck of a deal.

Upgrading from my trusty old 300 which is now sitting, looking very lonely, on a shelf. If you have been watching, e-bay prices for 300s have dropped through the floor now that the 650 is out and 600 prices went down, so I will keep it as my back-up phone just in case something happens.

To be on the safe side, I used a totally separate computer to install the new 650 software and have not added any 3rd party apps except those on the CD. Will keep it that way for a bit so that if there is any problem, I know its not the fault of something I did.

So far no issues with sound on either end. Qualitiy on MY end is far better than the 300. I have used the phone at a bar, a resturant, in a quiet office and in the car and everyone says I sound clear and a lot better than I did on my 300. I know some people reported that the sound problem cropped up later for them, so I will be watching it.

Beamed over contacts and memos with no issues. Looks like I can't beam my calander entries from my 300 so going to have to re-enter them (ugh!). Never having done this, i didnt even realize there was no beaming option from the 300 datebook.

Memory is going to be an issue. Its filling up fast, although I have not moved Docs to Go onto the SD card yet, so that will help some.

No unexpected resets or lock-ups. I am not having a problem with long delays dialing from contacts, there is a bit of one but nothing that bothers me. The "P" key is fine, so far, BUT it does feel a little bit different than the other ones, as if it does not take as much pressure for it to activate the mebrane or whatever is under it. Does not give as loud of a (sound-off) "click" as the other keys. I guess feels a bit mushy is the best way to describe it. Its really not a problem right now and I probably would not even have noticed it except for the discussion here.

Did have some trouble provisioning. Even after 12 hours I could not link up. Had to get to a Level II tech guy at Sprint (took a bit, I was handed off several times and given one wrong Sprint phone number also on hold for a LONG time, they must be busy). The guy I eventually got was great. Had me get into the PRI unlock screen and enter a number for the Master Subsidy Lock. That apparantly reset everything vision-wise on the phone. Also reset/changed my password to make sure there was no problems with that. Had to wait about an hour for the provisioning to take effect and now everything is fine. He has had to do this on several other 650s and he was not sure why, but it solved my problem anyway. He said some people were having to go into a Sprint store to do a "provisioning by wire" as opposed to over the network.

The Level II guy said he has been getting LOTS of calls from people that were having problems upgrading from the 600 because of the backup files issue. I told him that the documentation that came with the phone was wrong but that the P1 web site now has it correct. Pointed him to TC for more info. He said I was the second person that pointed out today that the documentation was wrong. He had not heard of that until today. He did not know that had it correct and was going to look at it so he could direct others to it as well.

So... If you are having provisioning problems, get to a level II tech (Level I tech said: "On the Treo 650, I am only authorized to suggest you do a soft reset."LOL) they can fix it. And everybody read the sticky thread on the upgrade issue!

OK, now on a personal note WOW THIS IS SOOOOO COOL Only annoying thing comming from the 300 is the blinking light. With it being on front instead of on top like the 300, it bothers me a bit. Will get the Butler program to deal with that later. Love everything else about it so far hope the bugs stay away!

Its everything I hoped for, everything I need.
Yes, it IS so!