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    I may be getting a Treo 650 (upgrading from a Palm 515). I'm leaving on a trip very soon and really will not have time to do a formal upgrade, install, particularly given all the issues about memory and compatibility.

    Can I, via BT or by just putting data on a SD card, get at least PIM data onto the new Treo? Any chance of other apps? [I'm thinking about Splash ID, for example.] If I put my old SD card in the new Treo, will OS 5.4 let me move some data from the card to the Treo (like PIM data)? I use backupbuddyVFS but I understand it does not work on the Treo 650. But, what if I BTthd filez or McFile to the Treo, couldn't I use that to get things on the Treo itself. Or, maybe just BT whatever I need from my laptop. What about SynchWizard?

    Of course, if I don't do a hot sync I'll not have a user name. I'm guessing I might be ok with the native PIM apps, but I think some apps (like Spash ID) are registered to my user name.

    A related question, would I really get in trouble if, when I have the time to tinker, kept both the 515 and the 650 synced with my computer? Because of the username issue, I'd want both to have the same user name. So, could I not just keep both up to date until I break the umbilical cord from the 515?

    Thanks for any advice or comments.
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    Actually, can't I just beam stuff over? Can I give the new Treo a user name without doing a hotsync? That would really solve all the issues, I think.
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    I beamed over my Contacts from my Visor Pro...worked just fine. I had to create a different user name, because my original was too long for some reason (over 10 characters).
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    -- answering my own questions? --- maybe ChangeName solves the username issue. If things aren't locked, they can be beamed. And, things could be copied to an SD card from the backup directory and then moved to ram via filez.
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    I recall reading on palmone's support page that there was a bug that prevented beaming from the Treo 600 to the 650...sorry....

    The quickest way imo is to export your Treo 600 pim as cvs file and then import it back to your new Treo 650 desktop and sync it over.
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    I was successful in beaming my contacts from my 600 to 650 when I first got it. Eventually I did a hard reset and regular sync install.


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