Waited for a year, I finally upgraded from 300 to 650. Except for more like a phone, the 600 was not a must upgrade to me at all. But this 650 has almost everything I wanted: BT, hi-res screen, workable browser and email. Vision speed is constantly 15-16KB/s via USB (8-11KB via BT) and PDANet, almost the same as my Treo 300.

Anyway, there is a screen protector included in the package. I cut it to the right size and put it on. Then I started worry about it: will it actually do harm to my beloved baby? I never bothered with those rip-off protectors before, but this time as one is included, I thought it might be no harm, otherwise why Palmone dare to include this garbage?

After searching in Google groups, I did find at least two persons who got broken touchscreens after they teared off the screen protectors.

So I tear off the screen protector that I put on earlier. It is indeed quite a force to pull this thing off and it could indeed drag up the very thin touch screen film (if 650 does use this film type). My understanding is the touch screen film is designed to be pushed (write) down, not the other way (pull up). If the adhensive is strong enough, or it gets very sticky after many years, it seems possible to me that the touch screen film may be damaged when you pull the protector off. If Treo 650 does not use a film type but wave, then no this concern at all.

Do you know what type of touchscreen is used on Treo 650, film or wave?