Ok maybe I am asking too much...
Maybe it is because I don't like a big chuck of plastic hanging off my ear
But here is what I am looking for and maybe there are some thoughts from the wise ones around here.
I used to have a motorola radio that used a clip to collar mic and a clip to back of collar earpiece that ran up the back/side of the neck and over/into the ear with a clear acoustic tube earpiece. Nice, stealthy, you could talk normal and the collar mic would pick up fine and the clear earpiece was either invisible or at least gave you that secret agent look.
I would love to find something like this attached to a bluetooth dongle, headset or something. I even thought of buying nokias clip on bluetooth set and soldiering a earpiece to that....thoughts.
Looking for something to wear for long times that doesn't weigh alot and doesn't look too bad.
All thoughts welcome,
1 leg lance