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    Would somebody please tell me the name of a "checkbook" program that will allow me to sync with MS Money 99? Is there such a program? Do I have to purchase Pocket Quicken to have the ability to sync my Visor with a desktop Financial suite?

    I like Pocket Money, but it doesn't sync with any financial suite that I am aware of. Please help out if you can as I am VERY anxious to use my Visor as my checkbook, yet it MUST be able to sync with a desktop financial suite.

    So, really I just need the name of a program that will do that with my Visor as well as the name of the program for my desktop. Thanks!

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    Landware's Pocket Quicken is the only program *I* know of that syncs with a desktop program. You will have to have Quicken 99 or 2000 in order to sync w/ the desktop.
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    Mr. Tim

    Here is a program that advertises that it'll sync with MSMoney. I just found it at palmgear. I don't know anything about it but here is the link:

    Moose Man

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    I found it! This is a MUST HAVE PROGRAM for ANY MS Money user. It's from UltraSoft, called UltraSoft Pocket Money Edition.


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    I was so impressed by Ultrasoft Pocket Money that I switched from Quicken to Microsoft Money to be able to use it. It is *so* much better than Pocket Quicken that there is no comparison.

    For somebody who already uses Microsoft Money and has a Palm or Visor, getting Ultrasoft Money is an absolute no-brainer. It's one of the few must have third-party programs, IMO.
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    Hmmm, I guess I just don't see the point. What would you actually do with this once it's on your handheld? I've been using MS Money for several years now and have all of my bank accounts, investments , home and budget set up. It connects to my etrade, credit card, and checking accounts for online banking and bill pay.

    I downloaded the demo from Ultrasoft and admit it was pretty cool. I synched up my favorite accounts and it worked without a hitch. The demo only allows information to flow from PC to handheld but the retail version allows synching in both directions.

    But I couldn't figure out anyway that the product would really help me. I never write paper checks anymore. My transactions are already getting synched to Money accounts through online banking with a single click, and I don't have to manually enter anything.

    Am I missing something important? How do you all plan to use this? I really thought the software was cool, but I'd have to find some real utility before plunking down $35.

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    Brgent1, yes, you are missing something here. You seem to be a very disciplined individual being that you never have to write paper checks. That's great, in fact, I am already headed in that direction. However, I do use a MAC card a LOT. I use it to buy gas, to buy groceries, to make Online purchases, etc. This is where Ultrasoft's Money program is invaluble. In fact, I find it so much easier to maintain the catagories, etc. using Ultrasoft's product that I don't use MS Money for anything. This is by far the best software product I have on my Visor.
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    Hi Mr. Tim,

    Pardon my ignorance but what is a MAC card?
    And no, I am not at all disciplined. It's just that I use my credit card for virtually everything (except for what I pay with bill-pay).

    So are you saying then that everytime you make a purchase you enter the details into your handheld? I still don't understand how this could be easier than what I do, which results in never having to manually enter a transaction. One click downloads my checking, savings and credit transactions and each transactions is categorized based on the the category that I've assigned to the vendor. Another click downloads my etrade transactions.

    But I do think that it is a well written program that would be extremely useful if you don't have MS Money with online banking.


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    The point is people want to trace their expense before the monthly on-line statement is available for download.
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    Ok, thanks xjx. That certainly makes sense if you have to wait to download your monthly statement.

    I didn't realize that there were banks that did online banking this way. With my bank I can download new transactions any time after they are posted to my accounts.

    If I had to wait a month to sync my Money register with my transactions then I would definitely find Pocket Money valuable.

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    Many people will have reasons to enter their transactions immediately. You may be happy with a system that automatically assigns a single expense category to "Walmart" or "Nordstrom's" or even "Kroger," but I prefer a finer-grained analysis, and if I don't record transactions immediately by the time I fire up the desktop I'll never be able to remember how much (if any)of that "Walmart" transaction should be assigned to groceries, how much to auto expenses (a tax relevant category), how much to prescription drugs, (another tax-relevant category), and so on. Moreover, some of my credit and debit accounts aren't available on line *at all*--much less available without waiting for the next monthly statement. And, Luddite that I am, not only do I write checks, but sometimes I even (shudder!) pay cash!! Having the data available right there in my pocket is also useful to dissuade me from going over my budget for a given category, and hence to avoid the "so *that's* where my money went" phenomenon when I go into Money on the desktop (which I'm lucky to manage twice a month).

    Indeed, although both are useful, and I don't plan to abandon either, if I *had* to choose between giving up Microsoft Money on the Desktop and Ultrasoft Money on the Palm/Visor, it'd be the handheld program that I'd keep and use.

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    Cash? What is this cash that you speak of?

    OK, OK, you've convinced me The program definitely could be useful for many users.

    I also split transactions into multiple categories. I just save my reciepts and catergorize when I download my transactions. I just find it much easier to enter data on a PC than on the Palm. Maybe that's because I've only owned it for a few weeks.

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    I was really excited to see the UltraSoft product as I really love using MS Money. But I'm having trouble getiing it installed (I think). Did your Money info sync into your Visor or did you have to physically enter all the info again? When I was installing the wizard stated that there was a two-step process, but it never got to the second step. What am I doing wrong?
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    On my second installation of Ultrasoft Money I had the same installation problem you describe--the install program seemed to hang after the first step. I hit Ctrl-Alt-Delete, and got the expected "the program is not responding" message, but canceled out without ending the install program, and it then restarted and finished the second step (which took about one second). There is obviously a bug in the install program. It didn't happen with my first install, which was on a different desktop and a Palm III instead of a Visor, so I don't know if it was the different desktop computer or the different Handheld that made a difference.

    Also, both times there were error messages on the first synch after Ultrasoft Money was installed. Don't worry about these--just synch a second time and they go away then and forever after (there's something about that *first* synch that's different).

    The Ultrasoft tech support guy is *extremely* responsive (my inkling is that Ultrasoft is really just one guy who is both programmer and tech support person, but I don't know if that's true). Send him an email and/or post to the support newsgroup.

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