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    The memory on my Treo 600 is becoming full and I need to empty some of it.
    When I tap on menu, then info. it looks like I have 670K in WordToGo. When I look for WordToGo on the main page of my Treo it does not appear with an icon, but Documents does appear (viewer only edition). I tried to delete all of the documents in WordToGo on my desktop computer, but the 670K remains on the Treo.... How do I delete the documents from the Treo if there isn't an icon for WordToGo on the main Treo page? I suspect that the documents are "hiding" in the viewer only edition of Documents to Go and cannot be opened to delete them. Please help......
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    Go to Docs to Go Site and download their DataViz tech app which will move most of Docs to Go to your SD card.

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