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    I installed Launcher III and decided that I did not want to keep it so I removed it. But after doing so the soft 'home' button now brings me to the base application manager instead of the installed application manager that is set as default when the visor is shipped. Any ideas on how to get the original launcher set to default again?
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    Pardon me. What do you mean the installed application manager? AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $only$ $one$ $built$-$in$ $application$ $manager$ $comes$ $with$ $the$ $visor$ ($is$ $this$ $one$ $you$ $mentioned$ $as$ $the$ $base$ $one$?).
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    I think there is an seperate application that comes with PalmOS that is the default launcher. Currently when I hit the soft 'home' button I go to this base app manager that has as one of its applications an icon named 'Applications' with a picture of an arrow. When I click on this it brings up the usual app launcher. So I am assuming that the default launcher is just another app on top of the OS and the base app manager is smoething else altogether.
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    I had this same problem. There is something in the documentation that you have to make it not the default launcher before you delete it. I had to reinstall it, make launcher III not the default launcher and then delete it.
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    I believe electhorse is correct. Under Options|Preferences in LauncherIII there is a setting "Always use LauncherIII". You will need to uncheck this to get what you want. I, too, remember reading something along these lines...

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