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    Quote Originally Posted by thomasanderson
    Question for those who have the "out of memory" issue with backupman, do you have mmplayer installed?
    I don't have mmplayer installed and got that error. Been using Right Backup instead and it's been fine so far <fingers crossed.> I have about 4 MB free on the internal.
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    no i am using real player and have not used butler since my 600

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    TealBackup is the only one that reliably backs out without resetting in the middle or at the end. I've tried them all. I realize it may be something on my phone, but so far TealBackup is working like a champ. I haven't done a reset yet though, so I don't know how the restore will work.
    I agree I have tried them all and the only one that works for me is tealbackup. And yes it does restore well too. I don't like teal backup I really prefer backupman (what I used with the 600). For now it will have to do.
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    BackupMan would not work on my 650. I am using the integrated backup functin in MegaLauncher and it works great. i've even had to restore from a hard reset - worked flawlessly.
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    Backupman public beta worked fine for me. I have 7.0 megs free on my Treo 650.
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