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    Currently, I use Sprint Business Connect for my Exchange email solution. When a new email arrives, SBC can give an audible alert or vibrate. What I want is to be notified by the LED on my 650 (for example, when new emails are received, LED changes to solid orange or something like that). I've been using TreoButler to do this by having Biz Connect send me an SMS alert for each email received; TreoButler can notify via LED when each SMS is received. But I don't want to receive all of those SMS alerts (and Sprint I'm sure will charge me for the hundreds of extra SMS alerts associated with all of my work email).

    Other than holding my breath for Sprint to incorporate LED-only alerts within Biz Connect, can anyone think of a utility or other solution that might work?
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    Nothing is available now. It would be nice should Seven integrate with the standard alert manager, but don't hold your breath.

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