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    Anyone know when Verizon will get the 650?

    Thanks for your reply.

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    Just spoke to a Verizon Customer Service rep. She said nothing is in works for December. She said Verizon updates their info monthly, so I should check back in January. So at this stage, it's unclear when Verizon will offer the Treo 650.
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    My source tells me they're testing it now. In addition, employees of Sun Microsystems can order it through the end of the month. Apparently, Sun will be Verizon's betatesters.
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    I'm HOPING it'll be January or February. Why? Because VZW suppose to be releasing a new unlimited data service in January ($15/unlimited data) and I was hopng they'd include a device that can use it. I've also been reading EVERY thread that mentions VZW AND the 650 and I've read a couple of times that VZW employees have mentioned to wait until the beginning of the year before jumping ship.

    But that's just my could be December '05!

    heh....jaharr posted the same time as me....just another instance of people saying 1st QTR.
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    if sprint and verizon woulda'd be set. but oh well.
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    You can get a Sprint version and apply the patch for Verizon for it the fella posted here. You can even get data plan to work I hear.
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    "When h$!! freezes over." It took Verizon nearly a year after teh Treo 600 release to unleash their model - why would we expect better performance from them on the Treo 650?
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