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    Has anyone found a superb todo list replacement? I'm currently using Checklist, because it at least lets me have multiple lists.

    I'd really like something with a tree-view, with the ability to edit in-place and attach notes, the ability to create multiple trees, check things off, move by dragging.

    I wanted to look at ListMaker, but my "demo" expired before I could try it (installed it, uninstalled it, came back to it much later.) Anybody tried this yet?

    Thanks for your help.

    - OZ

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    Try Brainforest, it allows multiple lists.
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    Put this down as another suggestion for Brainforest. Not only does it support multiple lists, but it is based on tree-views which can be edited in place, notes attached, items checked off, move by dragging, etc. In other words, it seems perfect for your application, but it's pricey at about $40. I use it religiously. Get it at
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    I currently use "To Do Plus" by Hands High Software. I'm still using shareware, but anticipate registering it for $19.95

    It allows you to view each category of your to do's in various methods. Example, all of my Work items that are "past due" or "next week" or "radar." Radar is my default, it shows you all tasks that are either overdue, have no due date, or are due within 7 days."
    Couple of other neat enhancements, including the ability to attach drawings.

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