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    What a difference going to a different Sprint store can make.

    My T650 (which was ordered from P1) was defective when it arrived since the n and space key were bad and it was hard to feel when they were being pressed. I took it into the local Sprint store (SR 441 in West Palm Beach, in the Wellington Mall) and explained the problem. I was told that they had 2 T650's in stock but they were for new activations and would not be using them to swap out a defective 650 :-( Needless to say I was a little pissed at this kind of answer (kind of stupid to even admit that really) and tried to talk the guy (kid) into giving up one of them saying I'd been a customer for over 4 years, just bought this new phone for $600 and it should be working perfectly for that price. To cut a long story short I asked for the manager and he conveniently said that the 2 T650's were reserved...yeah right, nice back track. They told me they could order me a replacement but it could take 2 weeks +. So, I'm thinking that they are going to keep all the new T650's that they get in stock and sell them and wait until the new year before they even try and replace mine :-( Anyway, I went ahead with the replacement order and they will call me. That was nearly 2 weeks ago and nothing yet.

    So, I am up here in Jacksonville and I pass a Sprint store. I go in and ask if they have any T650's in stock. Sure the guy says. Great, mine's defective can you replace it. The guy was great and very helpful. Very different experience that down in WPB. By the way been in there several times with my T600 and was never impressed with their service at all. So, the guy in the Jacksonville store trys to fix the keys and he definitely made them better but still not like the rest and I told him that I'd really like to get this replaced. He was cool and said call me tomorrow and I'll talk with my manager. It was 8pm at this point and the store was closing. Called him the next day and he said, come in and we'll sort you out. Sure enough I now have a new T650. What a shame all Sprint stores can't be the same. Just a different level of customer service.

    I am thinking of calling the Sprint store in WPB to see if they have any T650s in stock for sale :-D

    Anyway, the keyboard on the new T650 is fine, all keys :-)
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    I wonder if they'd swap a Treo 650 out for my dead Visor Prism with Phone Springboard module.

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