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    Anybody out there customizing their hotsyncs for different locations, times, days, etc.

    I have a laptop with NT 4.0. I use AvantGo. I sync with Outlook 98 for email. But, I don't want to sync with AvantGo and email every time. Generally once per day for each. I sync for other reasons several times per day and hate the extra time that AvantGo and email takes.

    Also, in the office, I have a network connection, but on the road, I don't want to have to dial in just to Hotsync (or have to wait for it to time out on the network connection that it will never find.

    Any suggestions?
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    Go to the bottom right hand corner and click on the red and blue circle (hotsync manager) and go to custom. If you double click on the required conduit (mail-mobilink) and then set it to do nothing it should take care of it. Then after you are doen hotsyncing ot will be restored to the default, which is sync the files.

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    What I ended up doing was making copies of the user.dat file and using two batch files to flip-flop them. I made a user.dat file with AvantGo and Mail disabled as default and then another with them both enabled as default. The batch files allow me to set the one I want based on whether or not I am on the network. I do have to remember to run the batch files, though.
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    Couple of ideas that may help.

    On the Avant Go site you can configure each page for download each hotsync or every 'x' # of hours, maybe some other options there that I don't recall at the moment.

    On the Visor, go into the Mail app, open the menu, go into Options, then Hotsync Options. You can control/limit the hotsync somewhat from here even though the PC is set to synchronize the mail conduit.

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