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    Hi there,

    Have a great problem...Drives me nuts and i dont know what i can do. I was in Holidays in the Us and bought the treo 650. Now im back to Germany where i of course want to use the phone too. I unfortunately dont find anywhere a place to put my sim card. What can i do to use the phone anyhow. I mean it cant be possible that u produce a phone with no sim card slot. Even if i would use a sprint contract it would be stupid to pay over 5 dollar per Minute if u are travelling abroad. What could be the business modell/idea behind that? Do they want to controll u like microsoft wants to? Would be great if u could help me!


    Can i get the phone with a sim card slot?
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    You bought a Sprint CDMA phone. Sorry to let you know, but that phone does not have a SIM card slot and it does not work overseas. You need to use the GSM version of the phone which is coming out in the next few months. Sorry

    Sprint Treo 650

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    Return it and get your money back.

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