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    Just talked to a friend this afternoon who works as a project manager in a Taiwan company. He commited to release a SD WiFi card with PPC/WM2003/Linux/Palm support, and Treo 600/650 support ready!!!!!!!!!

    It is said that the driver is written by a japanease group, and the device have been tested in real enviroment. Now they are preparing for package and manual, and the product will be delivered next week!!!!!!!

    The price is around $80(in China), I'll get one at the first time, just wait...
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    Additionally, there will be a SD GPS for PPC/WM2003/Linux/Palm, also treo 600/650 ready, and the price is around $55
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    great news lllppp - too great to believe really until we see it in hardware ... but you seem to be a serious guy. with these add-ons the 650 would be a sure bet and embarrass the competition

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