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    could a gmail user kindly post screen shots of blazer running gmail?

    is it much less conveniant than pop3? or more convenient, as all the mails and folders are visible?

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    Ummm... afaikafaikafaik $the$ $reason$ $there$ $anen$'$t$ $any$ $screen$ $shots$ $is$ $b$/$c$ $it$ $not$ $possible$! I think gmail site uses alot of heavy javascript or something that is way too much for blazer to handle...
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    tks gfunk - are there any other treo browsers that could handle this?

    pop3 has its disadvantages ...

    but I guess once you've downloaded with pop3 another copy would remain on the gmail-mainserver, wouldnt it?
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    You can use G-Mail Lite (I set it up on a server, PM me for the address).

    It works on any browser...I'll get a screenshot a little later on.
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    No matter what Treo or desktop pop3 client I use, I have it leave the message on the server for my GMail.

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